For information on housing for WISH @ CHI 2107, please visit the CHI 2017 housing page.


Registration for WISH will take place via the CHI conference registration system. The WISH symposium is an open symposium with approximately 150 total spots available. The first 75 spots will be made available on a first come, first serve basis to those registering via the CHI registration system. After those 75 spots are taken, registration will be available via a special code reserved for attendees with accepted papers or research highlights, for those accepted into the mentorship program, and the steering committee members.

Below are the registration fees and deadlines for the WISH symposium.

You may register for the main CHI conference ahead of time and add a symposium at a later date. The cost of symposia is discounted with either the full conference or one-day conference registration. For more information on CHI conference registration costs, please see the CHI registration page.

(Ends March 13)
(Ends May 5)
(Begins May 6)
1 Day Symposium ONLY $385 $485 $585
1 Day Symposium with Conference $200 $200 $200