History of WISH

The first workshop in this series, WISH 2010 was co-hosted with CHI 2010. From 2011-2014, WISH was co-hosted with the Annual Symposium of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). In 2016, WISH returned to CHI and we are continuing WISH at CHI 2019 in Glasgow in the UK. For the first time, WISH 2019 will be a 2-day symposium on Saturday and Sunday May 6th, 2019 that will include invited talks and panels, a peer-reviewed technical program, poster sessions, and a reception. This format will provide participants ample time to network, discuss ideas, and work together to define a WISH-oriented research agenda. You are very welcome to attend and participate in WISH without a submission. The symposium also aims to actively provide mentoring opportunities to junior and new health technology researchers – from undergraduates to mid-career researchers who want to focus on interactive systems in Healthcare.

We are keeping the Web pages of the previous WISH workshops

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