Improving Emergency Alarm Products for Elderly: Using Values to Obtain the User Goals – Original Research

Suzanne Bras, Virginia Dignum, Tim Miller, Yao-Hua Tan, Martijn Warnier

Delft University of Technology

Using Speech in Complex Teamwork to Support Activity Recognition  Original Research

Swathi Jagannath, Aleksandra Sarcevic

Drexel University

Enhancing Personal Health Informatics Through App Integration and End-User Programming of Automated Tasks  Original Research

Jacob Solomon

University of Michigan

Mindful Shopping: A Compulsive Buying Disorder Management tool  Original Research

Ruixue Liu, Gabriela Marcu, Erin T. Solovey

Drexel University

Gender Differences in Response to a Mobile Health Game – Original Research

Theodore Lee, Sahara Byrne, Geri Gay, John Pollak, Daniela Retelny, Amy Gonzales

Cornell University

Usability Assessment of a Personalized and Adaptive Health Tool – Original Research

Maia Jacobs, Elizabeth Mynatt

Georgia Institute of Technology

A Friendly Face in the Storm: Self-care Support System Requirements for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury – Original Research

Ameneh Shamekhi, Ha Trinh, Timothy Bickmore, Theresa Ellis, Bethlyn V. Houlihan and Nancy K. Latham

Northeastern University

Pervasive Sensing in Healthcare: From Observing and Collecting to Seeing and Understanding – Original Research

Steven R. Rick, Vish Ramesh, Danilo Gasques Rodrigues, Nadir Weibel

University of California, San Diego

Sticky Baby Dust After Baby Dancing: Guilt and Judgment in “Trying to Conceive” Communities on YouTube – Original Research

Leslie S. Liu and Katie A. Siek

Indiana University

Efficacy of personalized models in discriminating high cognitive demand conditions using text-based interactions – Research Highlight

Lisa M. Vizer, Andrew Sears

UNC Chapel Hill

Defining Digital Self Harm – Research Highlight

Jessica Pater, Beth Mynatt

Georgia Institute of Technology

Trends in Mobile and Wearable Stress Care & Design Implications for a Culture of Wellness – Research Highlight

Heekyoung Jung & Jiani Zhou

University of Cincinnati

Supporting Patient-Provider Collaboration to Identify Individual Triggers using Food and Symptom Journals  Research Highlight

Jessica Schroeder, Jane Hoffswell, Chia-Fang Chung, Sean Munson, Jasmine Zia, James Fogarty

University of Washington


Mentoring Program Posters

Understanding and Designing for Individual’s Navigation Practices in Healthcare  Mentoring Program

Xinning Gui, Kathleen H. Pine, Yunan Chen

University of California, Irvine

Understanding How Pediatric Patients Envision Themselves Preventing Medical Errors – Mentoring Program

Shefali Haldar, Sonali R. Mishra, Jordan Eschler, Ari H. Pollack, Wanda Pratt

University of Washington

Design In The Wild: Lessons From Researcher Participation In Design Of Emerging Technology  Late Breaking Work / Mentoring Program

Leah Kulp, Aleksandra Sarcevic

Drexel University

Exploring Mixed Reality in Specialized Surgical Environments – Late Breaking Work / Mentoring Program

Danilo Gasques Rodrigues, Ankur Jain, Steven R. Rick, Shangley Liu, Preetham Suresh, Nadir Weibel

University of California, San Diego