TimeFit: Designing a Temporal Guide for Resistance Exercise  Original Research

Wookjae Maeng, Hyunjin Yoo, Hyunchul Lim, Min-Joon Kim, Joongseek Lee, and Joonhwan Lee

Seoul National University

Empowering Older Adult Crafters to Electronically Enhance Artifacts for Health  Original Research

Ben Jelen and Katie Siek

Indiana University

A Relational Agent for Alcohol Misuse Screening and Intervention in Primary Care  Original Research

Shuo Zhou, Timothy Bickmore, Amy Rubin, Catherine Yeksigian, Rachel Lippin-Foster, Meagan Heilman, Steven R. Simon

Northeastern University

Lessons from Deploying a Diagnostic Game with Children in a Clinical Setting  Original Research

Ahmad Alsaleem, Tamara Denning, and Roger Altizer

University of Utah

Exploring the Design Space of Chronobiology-Aware Health Tools  Original Research

Elizabeth L. Murnane, Saeed Abdullah, Mark Matthews, Matthew Kay, Dan Cosley, Tanzeem Choudhury, Geri Gay, Julie A. Kientz

Cornell University

Rejection of Non-seizures from Retrospective Video of Wristband Reported Epileptic Seizure Events  Original Research

Jonathan Bidwell, Eliana Kovitch Thropp, Chiara Caborni, Francesco Onorati, Cherise Fraizer, M.D, Elizabeth E Mynatt

Georgia Institute of Technology

What Does ‘What Does it Mean’ Mean?: Suggestions for Contextualizing Lab Results for Pediatric Inpatients and Their Caregivers  Original Research

Sonali R. Mishra, Shefali Haldar, Maher Khelifi, Ari H. Pollack, Wanda Pratt

University of Washington

American Psychiatric Association Smartphone App Evaluation Framework  Research Highlight

Needed Innovation in Digital Health and Smartphone Applications for Mental Health: Transparency and Trust

John Torous

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center / Harvard Medical School

Classifying Text-Based Computer Interactions for Health Monitoring  Research Highlight

Lisa Vizer, Andrew Sears

UNC Chapel Hill